Meet the Artist

Picassiana is a DMV native with an undenying talent and passion for Art.

Known for adding the most amazing textures and gems to her art pieces and creating for several different celebrities over the course of her art career. Including fashion designer Milano.

Picassiana just like many other artists, has a story to be told. She’s poured her soul into each art piece she’s ever created and sold. In the picture above, the box in hand was picassiana’s first custom designed shipping “diary” box with a Velcro lock and they flew off of the shelves within a short number of months. Piece after piece was sold and many of the boxes included a handwritten letter describing the inspiration of the particular art piece and most importantly, Each box had a barcode that depicted her sons death date of September 29, 2010. 

Picassiana isn’t only a full time artist but also, a full time mother of her pride and joy Milan Zara. That little girl is truly the light that shines only any cloudy day. She holds the key to the promise of keeping picassiana's art alive.

To know more or speak with the artist you can email her at: